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OUR NATURAL HOME | Sun Basket Review


 OUR NATURAL HOME is a blog series highlighting the little things we’re using, doing, and buying as we strive to make our home chemical free and as natural as possible.

sun basket review photosWe signed up for Sun Basket trial because we knew we wanted an organic meal subscription box but wanted to compare Sun Basket vs Green Chef before we made a commitment.  But you guys, we ended up loving them both so much, and for different reasons that we are planning on sticking with our Sun Basket subscription and our Green Chef subscription (You can read my Green Chef review here!). But this week I’m giving my official Sun Basket review. Sun Basket didn’t give us a choice for our delivery date, which is kind of a bummer, so we get it delivered every Wednesday.  I mentioned this last week, but the number one excuse I am good at coming up with for going out to eat is that I don’t have time to go grocery shopping.  I work from home and you would think that would give me extra time to take a break for an hour and run to the grocery store. But what I’ve found out the hard way is that working from home just allows me to let me work life spill over into my personal life.  So instead of working from 9-5 and then coming home and living life, I work from 9-5, pause for dinner, feel stressed out that there’s things I still need to do to run my business, so I keep working when I should be relaxing and winding down from my day.  Its definitely something I need to work on! Yikes! Anyway! Here’s my Sun Basket review!

First impressions- Cute box, right? I just personally like the simple white design of the Green Chef box better.  But lets be real, the design on the Sun Basket subscription box really isn’t that important. I DO however like that the box opens up as one tucked in flap, instead of the standard 4 sides.  Its a little thing, but its a nice feature when reusing the box, it just closes really easily without having to tape it back up.sun basket promo codeI like that the Sun Basket packaging is made out of recycled PET water bottles.  While its not compostable, its at least recyclable and made from recycled materials. sun basket review photosCan i just express my love for having all of the ingredients for each meal in individual brown paper bags? I love it! First of all, it makes finding the ingredients each time we make dinner, really easy. It also gives me something I can put all of my trash in while I’m prepping our Sun Basket dinner- which makes clean up (or my husband cleaning up after me) a breeze. I’m a tornado cooker. I love cooking, I think I’m pretty good at it.  But I am notorious for not putting things back right away when I’m done with them, which makes out counter top look like a tornado came through while I was cooking dinner.  This doesn’t happen at all when I’m making our Sun Basket recipes.sun basket review photosSun Basket recipe cards are printed on half-sheets of paper. Which makes me feel a little bit better about the environment, but makes following the instructions a little harder, just because there’s so much text squeezed into a small space.  The front of each card has a photo of the meal, and a description.  The back lists the ingredients and the instructions.  One fun thing they do is send you a fourth half-sheet card that has a random helpful cooking lesson on it.  This past week it gave me tips about searing meat.  Unlike Green Chef, Sun Basket lets us choose which three meals we want out of about 10 choices.  This is great for us, because my sweet husband is still a slightly picky eater.sun basket menuThose brown paper bags make storing our Sun Basket meals super easy. I just designate a shelf in our refrigerator to that weeks meals, and stick the packaged meat up top. I know this goes against all those food safety rules. But our refrigerator has spill-proof shelves, and the meat is packed nice and tight, so I’m really not worried. sun basket review photosFirst up, was the meal I was most excited about- Bahn Mi Chicken Salad.  When I only saw one small romaine lettuce heart, I was a little worried that we would still be hungry after this meal. It ended up being really satisfying and delicious.  One thing I don’t like as much about Sun Basket is that most things don’t have a certified organic label on them, so it just leaves me having to trust them at their word on their website.  The ingredients in our Sun Basket meal box all seemed really fresh and colorful which makes me happy.sun basket review photosYou guys! This was SO good!sun basket review photosNext up on my Sun Basket review, is the Barcelona Chicken with Meyer Lemon Olive Sauce.  The ingredients were so colorful and beautiful.  The meal itself was really interesting.  Lots of unique flavors mixing together.  I liked it okay. My husband wasn’t the biggest fan.  We ended up adding our own salad to this meal because it felt like it needed a veggie other than the roasted potatoes and parsnips.sun basket review photossun basket review photosLastly, I think my favorite thing about Sun Basket is they allow you to substitute one of your three meals for two breakfasts. And the breakfasts seem to always include a really fun interesting healthy smoothie or two, and a healthy egg recipe.  This is really great for us, because we have organic meal subscriptions to both Sun Basket AND Green Chef.  They both only allow you to deliver three meals (no more, no less). And we still like to go out and not have to cook on the weekends.  So this allows us to have five dinners (instead of six) delivered between the two boxes, and gives us breakfast on the weekend for when we have time to make something more than oatmeal or a banana. Hah!  Anyway- This week it was a mango turmeric smoothie. and a pear tonic smoothie. Not only was it really yummy, but we are both sick in our house this week with sinus infections. And this smoothie has lots of anti-inflammatory properties and immune boosting properties, so it was great timing.  I wonder if Sun Basket knew that lots of people are sick right now.sun basket review photossun basket review photos

Well, thats about it it for my Sun Basket review.  I hope it was helpful! And if you’d like to try Sun Basket, you can get your first week of Sun Basket meals free by clicking here (no Sun Basket promo code necessary)! Woohoo!

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