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I started a new website and new photo blog this year, and went full speed ahead into making sure I blogged three times per week.  I LOVE sharing the beautiful images of my amazing clients with everyone.  But I soon got burnt out, and felt like I was just churning out blog posts instead of […]

I’ve had a ton of clients tell me, after having visited, that I need to write a blog post to show off my little  photo studio office.  Well.  I’ve finally cleaned off my desk enough to not be embarrassed by sharing some pictures with you!  So without further adieu.. My office (with a nice cleaned […]

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday! Seeing as she raised my sister and I as a single mom for most of my life, I’d say she definitely deserves a blog post.  Last mother day I was able to snap a couple photographs of my mom hanging out with her first granddaughter-my niece, Hannah Grace.  Now that […]

As you may know, we’re in the midst of a rebrand, thanks to our awesome graphic designer, Ravyn Stadick of Three Fifteen Design. She’s revamped the logo I originally designed more than 5 years ago now, and she’s also putting together a brand new bright, cheery, simple, organic, fun website for Sknow Photo! All this […]

Dave and I had an amazingly busy weekend this past week. On Saturday, I had two portrait sessions and an event to photograph, and then traveled to Baltimore for the rehearsal for the wedding we would be photographing the next day. Sunday began at 7am for us, because we volunteer at our church and because […]

Its already January 10th. When in the world did that happen?  Im pretty sure its still August.  I wanted to start fresh this year with some personal goals. And what better way to force myself to stick to those goals than to post them on my blog for everyone to see?  (I envision regretting this […]

Lets just take a second and sit right down and be honest here. Blogging is an extremely overwhelming task for me.  I just don’t even know where to start. So we’ll just start right here.  So this is like our first date or something, right? I guess that means I need to give myself a […]