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MOLON LAVE VINEYARD WEDDING Yoshi had me at the word “copper”.  Its a running joke between Dave and I that I have a radar for copper.  If there is something copper on a store shelf, I will always find it.  It just sticks out in the corner of my eye.  To say I’m a little […]

STONE TOWER WINERY WEDDING | CENTRAL VIRGINIA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER It was a Tuesday in May. On a boat, at sunset, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere between the Florida Keys and Cuba, the man of Lindsay’s dreams got down on one knee and asked her to be his for the rest of their […]

RICHMOND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER BEST OF 20162016 was truly a record breaking year for us.  We said “Yes!” to exactly 30 weddings- which is nearly double our yearly average. It was incredibly overwhelming in the most wonderful way.  We have been incredibly blessed getting to work with so many amazing couples. And, just as our 2016 […]

RUSTIC ENGLISH GARDEN GLASGOW FARM WEDDING PHOTOS Samantha and Greg are the cutest. The week leading up to their wedding she kept telling me how excited she was to finally be married to the love of her life.  She was just exploding with love and excitement every time we talked, and it made me so […]

WOODLANDS AT ALGONKIAN WEDDING PHOTOS Megan and Evan both met each other online, and I love when Dave and I get to work with couples that met online, because it reminds me of where our love story started! But not only that, Megan and Evan also had their first date at a bowling alley, just […]

HARFORD MARYLAND BACKYARD WEDDING PHOTOS Backyard weddings are my favorite.  In the middle of a crazy busy wedding photography season like we’ve had this year, I love the relaxed feel of a Maryland backyard wedding.  Where the focus is on the right stuff.  And a bride and groom who value photography and details just makes […]

ENGINEERS CLUB WEDDING PHOTOS Can I just start by saying- How stinking cute are these two?!  Am I right?  Any bride and groom that can laugh while taking Baltimore wedding photos in 115 degree heat deserves a prize.  They were such troopers.  And their wedding party and family were all just so amazing!  From the […]

BALTIMORE RAWLINGS CONSERVATORY WEDDING PHOTOS Jen and Brad planned their gorgeous Rawlings Conservatory wedding in Baltimore while living all the way in North Carolina.  In fact, we didn’t get to officially meet them until the morning of their wedding. But after talking on and off over the phone and email (Thank goodness for technology!) it […]